May 24

Hendra/Ahsan balas tekuk Denmark, kedudukan final Piala Thomas 1-1

Kunshan, China (ANTARA News) – Ganda putra Indonesia Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan mengimbangkan kedudukan tim Thomas Merah-Putih atas tim Denmark menjadi 1-1 pada final Piala Thomas 2016 di Stadion Bulu Tangkis Kunshan, China, Minggu.

Pada partai kedua ini, Hendra/Ahsan menang 21-18, 21-13 atas pasangan Denmark Mads Conrad-Petersen/Mads Pieler Kolding dalam waktu 41 menit.

“Kami tidak memikirkan pertandingan partai pertama. Kami hanya fokus dengan pertandingan kami saja. Kami berusaha untuk tetap,” M88 sport kata Ahsan selepas pertandingan.

Pada game pertama, Hendra/Ahsan telah unggul 4-2, tetapi Mads/Mads berhasil menyusul 5-5 dan mengembalikan keadaan 8-11.

Serangan ganda andalan Indonesia itu sempat menemui kebuntuan ketika bola membentur net atau keluar garis lapangan. Hanya saja, M88 lawan juga melakukan kesalahan serupa hingga skor imbang 17-17.

Saat beradu pukulan game-point 20-18, Hendra mengambil kesempatan smes tajam dan Indonesia meraih game pertama 21-18.

Hendra/Ahsan mendapatkan momentumnya pada game kedua baik dengan permainan depan net atau smes bola-bola tanggung dari Mads/Mads.

Ganda peringkat dua dunia itu bermain lebih tenang dan tidak meladeni permainan cepat pasangan Denmark peringkat sembilan dunia itu sehingga mengembalikan keduduan 3-5 menjadi 5-5, lalu 10-5, 16-7, hingga menang 21-13.

Pertemuan Indonesia dengan Denmark pada laga final Piala Thomas 2016 merupakan pertemuan kelima setelah pertemuan pada 1964 di Tokyo, Jepang; pada 1973 dan 1979 di Jakarta; serta pada 1996 di Hong Kong.

May 23

Why No One Talks About Cats Anymore

How Can You Benefit When You Buy Kittens? In today’s world, health is something that most people consider very important, but they seldom think that owning and loving pets as a way through which good health can be obtained. A busy person may also dismiss the idea of owning a pet such as a kitten, as taking care of any kind of pet may require some time to be set aside. However, they might not know that owning and caring for kittens actually is a wonderful way to obtain good health. For a number of reasons, people will benefit a lot of things when they purchase kittens to love and care for, as they will notice their health increase steadily. When one starts caring for kittens, the first benefit that they will be able to enjoy concerning their health is better cardiovascular soundness and less chances to suffer from a heart attack. It is a well-known fact that more and more people today suffer from cardiovascular illness, some from genetics and others from partaking of a very unhealthy lifestyle. However, studies have shown that the people who own pets, cats in particular, are less prone to suffer from cardiovascular illness than the people who don’t have any pets. There are certainly so many benefits that you can enjoy when you own and care for a kitten or cat, and one of these is an immune system which is better, stronger, and more likely to resist the different viruses and bacteria which might threaten to make you sick. When people care for their pets, they create strong bonds and feelings between themselves and these pets, and these feelings give their immune systems a wonderful boost. When you are down and feeling sick, your kitten can also provide you with warmth and comfort, something which will allow you to recover much more quickly than you would have without this loving creature beside you.
If You Read One Article About Kittens, Read This One
These two, however, are not the only health benefits that can be enjoyed by people who own kittens – there are so many other health benefits which are just as wonderful. For instance, when you own and care for kittens, you can reap the benefits of having less stress because of these lovely animals, enjoying lower blood pressure because you are more relaxed, and giving your children the benefits of less risk to developing allergies. In the long run, you will realize that when you decide to purchase beautiful kittens, you will be able to enjoy wonderful benefits, as owning pets is certainly a great experience, less risk to contracting dangerous diseases, and better health in the long run.What You Should Know About Kittens This Year

May 23

Case Study: My Experience With Animals

Tips for Training a Dog A good number of people today are oblivious of how to train a dog. However, there are some tips that can make training a dog much simpler. To understand the process of training a dog better, a person should consult a professional. There are many websites that have been founded for guiding people when training their dogs. When training a dog, consistency is very important. The client should always use the same rules when training the dog. It is also important to use the same words when training the dog. By being concise, training a dog will be much simpler. It is wrong to give the dog a command more than once. When commands have been repeated on various occasions, the dog is likely to ignore them. Without generosity, it will be very hard for a person to succeed in training a dog. A reward should always be given to the dog when it is right. To gain more when training a dog, a person should look for a professional trainer. A couple of things have to be considered before hiring a dog trainer. The strategies used by the trainer in training a dog have to be considered. The trainer should always use the methods that are highly effective. The equipment that the trainer uses for training the dog should also be considered. To have an easy time when training a dog, a person hast to have the right equipment. The client should only hire the trainer who has the right certificates. The educational background of the trainer has to be considered. There are many fraudulent people who purport to be dog trainers today. It is also important to consider whether the trainer takes party in any continuing education. The client should only hire the trainer who offers some kind of follow up. Before hiring a dog trainer, a person might consider consulting the former clients.
Dogs – Getting Started & Next Steps
The former clients are likely to give the best assessment. By taking references of other people into account, finding a competent dog trainer will be quite easy. Prior to hiring a dog trainer, it is important to consider whether he belongs to any professional organizations. For the trainer to advance his training, being a member of a professional organization is important. Having the skills to offer some special services is essential for the dog trainer. For instance, there are some people who engage in therapy dog training.
Dogs – Getting Started & Next Steps
The skills of some people enable them to train dogs to take part in competitive sports. A person should not hire a dog trainer before assessing his fees. It is advisable to hire the trainer who is not very expensive. One of the major things that influence the charges of a dog trainer is their experience.

May 23

The Beginners Guide To Sales (What You Need To Know To Get Started)

Pet Gates: What You Need To Know To many option made available in today’s market creates a confusion on what is really the best product to buy. It does not matter if you are choosing a candy bar or a car, we often get confused due to a lot of option that we can think of. Part of decision making in choosing a product is the color, shape, style and even manufacturer. It is no surprise that even if we are choosing a pet gate we consider these option. A lot of people who are buying a pet gate often wonder why there so many pet gates to choose from. Your questions about all these will be answered in this article. There are several pet gates that are made available in the market in order to keep you pet in a certain area and each style comes with different purpose. Before, the building code requires a certain width opening that each house should have. The doorways is used as the method of the to define the border between rooms while the original design in pet gates are to fit in these door frames. Although the design is still used today, the only difference is that it is more flexible and the openings of the door is no longer a huge concern. Double-wide arched opening are chosen by some people. The rooms can be accessed easily coming from the other room. Having a huge open area is now the concept of each home. Creating a small confined space within this huge space in the house is more of a challenge. The installation of the gates in your house can be used for several years and will become a part of your home.
Animals: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make
There 12 different types of gate for you to choose from. Free standing, plastic standard, extension, extra wide, pressure mount, stairway, tall, swing, walk through, wooden gates and wide opening are some of the options that you can choose from. For each gate, they offer different features. These types of gates offered are self-explanatory.
Animals: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make
The extension gate are used when you have an opening that you are trying to cordon off from your pet and is larger than that of the standard gate. What does this mean? This means that the gate are designed to add extensions of the main gate. Free standing gate are designed to not being kept in the position whether it’s through pressure or using and installation hardware to attach to your doorway or wall. To hold the gate in position, a specific type of pressure is used which is the name implies. If you have a staircase in your house, a stairway pet gate is the best, but is also very dangerous for both your kids and pets since this is specifically built for your staircase.

May 20

The Essentials of Jewelry – 101

How To Choose Pet Memorial Jewelry Pets are considered as a good company to people no matter how old they are. They add colors to every family and to the person taking care of their pets and these pets repay their owner by being loyal and be with them even through the hardest times. Through good and bad times, these pets provide unconditional and comfort that no other person can provide. They do not just become member of the family but they also become a great friend as well as companion to the person or family taking care of them. In some circumstances, pets such as cats, horse, parrots and dogs saves their owners life. That is why you do not need to get confused why some people make their pets part of their family as well as treat them well as the pet might have done something to deserve it. One of the most heart breaking scenario that a pet owner will encounter in his life time is losing his or her pet, and that I a reality that every pet owners have to deal with everyday. And for that, many pet owners are looking for ways to keep the memories of their beloved pet. Since most pet owners are used to taking pictures with their pets or having a photo of their pet, they often place it on a frame to keep the memory while other pet owners goes for the extreme of having their pet tattooed. Keeping an offspring of their pet is another way of keeping the memories alive of their favorite pet. One of the trending ways to keep the memory of your beloved pet is to get a memorial jewelry to help pet owners remember their pet after they are gone. The memorial jewelry can be worn by anybody anytime while you deal with the loss of your pet. The memorial jewelry has become the most sought after jewelry for pet owners who wants to help them move on as it can be worn by anyone regardless of age and gender. The good thing about this jewelry aside from the fact that it can be worn by anyone is that, you can customize it according to your needs as there are a lot of types available for you to choose from. Grieving pet owners can choose from the different types of jewelry. Most grieving pet owners choose to have the locket so that they can carry with them the photo of their pet no matter where they go. Adding the name of your pet as well as short message is possible through engraving it on the locket. The pet owner can either wear them on their anklet, bracelet or necklace. Since the jewelry can be carried anywhere, pet owners can carry and remember their pet for a very long time.Finding Parallels Between Products and Life

Practical and Helpful Tips: Pets

May 20

On Pets: My Rationale Explained

How to Handle the Loss of a Pet If a pet dies then the loss of this loved one would break the hearts of those who got to know him or her; these aren’t just ordinary pets, they are members of the family as well. When you lose a pet, the kind of consolation you need would not just be ordinary, it would have to come from someone who knows how you feel because the person has experienced such a horrible sensation. Instead of dwelling on the loss of your beloved pet, you need to just celebrate its life and make sure that he lived a good one. What you need to do during the loss of the pet is just forget the sadness of the moment by distracting yourself and making sure that you’re able to move forward with your life as well. The time when the life of your pet ends is a time of grieving but make sure that you do not dwell on the situation, you need to instead celebrate the life of your loved one. There are actually services that would be ideal for the death of your pet so make sure to take advantage of them at all times. There are factors which you need to keep in mind in order to ensure the best results concerning these matters. Even when your pets are no longer alive, you need to make sure they are treated well because they have been loyal companions for their entire lives. When you want to remember your pets then make sure to keep your pets’ memories alive in the form of tokens. The pet surely will have done things in your home that you want to immortalize in some way. One way you can ensure the ideal results is by making sure the memories such as collars, playthings, and containers of your pet are preserved in the best possible way. When you engage in this venture then you will surely be able to celebrate the life of your pet in the best possible way. Your pet has to be handled in the best possible way and it has to be placed somewhere that is dear and memorable to you both. This is the kind of situation that you need to consider because it can help you get over the grief of the loss. The loss your pet doesn’t have to be a loss, it could be a gain on experience which will help you find out about all the wonderful things which can happen in one’s life. You will be able to see how amazing your pets are and how they lived in the world with you by their side.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Animals
You can also replace your pet so that you will have another to grow and love as time goes by. You will have a second chance to move on with these amazing pets and it will send you a message that all is not lost. You will not have to worry about your pets in the least because you will surely grow to love them in all the ways that matter.5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Animals

May 19

5 Uses For Services

Choose the Best Vet for Your Puppy Of course it is important to have the proper equipment to raise a new puppy; it is also very important to have good veterinary care. Just like humans, puppies need to be vaccinated every month or so, this will ensure that they will be a healthy member of your family. In this article I will discuss why veterinarians are important for any growing puppy. Most vets and animal clinics will begin vaccines around eight weeks of age and will continue vaccinations until sixteen weeks, sometimes longer. If you adopt or get an older dog, you should still get them vaccinated, a dog can get vaccines at any age. If you get a puppy from a breeder that has started the vaccination early, that is perfectly fine as well. You will also have to be aware of deworming your dog to make sure there are no internal parasites. If you do not have documents that state that your dog has been dewormed then you might need to provide a stool sample. The vet will look for whip worms, round worms, hook worms, coccidia, and giardia. When you get a dog, no matter how old they are, you should make an appointment with your vet to ensure the dog is happy and healthy. The vet will check for many different types of congenital defects, such as; heart murmurs, open fontanel, loose hips and knees, ad cleft palate. When you meet with the vet you should ask them any questions you might have about your new dog, you might have questions about food, toys, behavior, or training.
The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Resources
After the first set of vaccination, your puppy will need to get vaccinated every two weeks or so. These vaccines will prevent the spread of diseases or viruses that can be transferred from mother to puppy or even puppy to puppy. A couple examples of these viruses are Bordetella and Parvovirus, both of which are very dangerous to your dog and also very contagious. These viruses can be fatal even if treated, although early treatment gives your puppy a better chance to survive.
Questions About Animals You Must Know the Answers To
Once you have gotten all of the vaccinations, you will want to see your vet about getting your puppy spayed or neutered. Apart from not being able to create new puppies, getting your puppy fixed will help with other issues as well. This will help male puppies with aggression or territory issues when they are young and will help with testicular cancer and prostate issues when the dog gets older. Female puppies will benefit from being spayed because it will lessen the chance of getting ovarian or breast cancer when they are older. It is important to see a vet when your dog is a puppy, it will benefit them when they get older.

May 13

Doing Pets The Right Way

High Quality French Bulldog Breeders to Hire There is tons of information a breeder can tell you about a bulldog and how it would be ideal for you to have one as a pet. There are also differences between breeds which these experts can tell you about as well. There are experts who are well aware of the difference between the two breeds and would be able to suggest to you what would fit your preference. You have to be well aware of what makes a French bulldog puppy ideal to purchase and that means consulting breeders who everything about them and more. When you have cool dogs then it increases the appeal of coming home and just relaxing with your pets. A breed that does not have the ideal pedigree wouldn’t be as desirable to a lot of people and you wouldn’t want to have that. This dog is considered royalty in so many homes, not to mention, they are incredibly loyal as well. These magnificent dogs are being bred by only the most expert breeders around. These dogs came to be partly because of how other breeds were incorporated into their breeding which is the reason why these dogs are what they are today. If you want to raise these dogs well then make sure to get advice from the most ideal breeders around. You would be able to choose the ideal breed of bulldog you want if you ask a professional breeder for some tips. If you desire these types of dogs, you need to make sure that you take care of them in the best way. These dogs are sensitive to a lot of things and it wouldn’t be easy for those who do not have experience to maintain them at all.
What Do You Know About Animals
There are other versions of French bulldog puppies for sale so make sure to check them out. You need to choose the best looking puppies because they are usually the ones that grow up to become stunning adults. You need to be fully aware of the different variations around so make sure to gather needed information at all times. There are big dog breeds and smaller ones as well so make sure to choose well. You need to list down all the important questions before you ask them because that way, you’d be able to remember everything. You can give your pets better care once you accomplish this.Why not learn more about Animals?

May 13

A Simple Plan For Investigating Pets

The French Bulldog: a Great Pet French Bulldogs really originated from England. These dogs are muscular and compact. They have a cute, pug-like appearance with a solid bone structure and a flat muzzle. The original bulldogs were large dogs, and since the English artisans did not like this size, a smaller type of bulldog was bred. So smaller dogs were bred and they reached France and became popular there. These smaller bulldogs were then bred with the French terriers and that is how it got its name. You can easily tell a French bulldog from its physical attributes. A smooth coat and un-cropped straight tail is a physical attribute of a French bulldog. Bulldogs are said to be cute because of their facial features which consist of a large square shaped face, and a wide set of dark colored eyes. They have ears like a bat’s which is rounded on the upper section and broad at the base. A French bulldog is intelligent, alert, and curious, as seen in its facial expressions. A French bulldog’s height is 12 inches from the shoulder, and from 19 to 28 pounds is its average weight. If you look at a French bulldog’s coat you will notice many different colors and patterns. Pale to dark brown shades are their coat colors and they also have markings and patterns on it. The early ancestors of the French bulldogs were used as watch dogs and guard dogs. Despite this ancestry, French bulldogs are not known to be stern mannered dogs. The outstanding personality of French bulldogs is its being comical, playful, and affectionate. Playing is what they love to do most, and they can play for long periods of time even just by themselves. Attention and affection are also needed by the French bulldog just like any other dog. Although they are loving to all members of the family, they are usually attached closely to just one person. IF the French bulldog has been raised together with children, it can interact well with them. French bulldog makes a wonderful pet for your children.
The Key Elements of Great Services
If you want to purchase a healthy puppy bulldog, then you need to go to a reputable breeder to make sure about this. It is also important to know how the breeder takes care of the puppies and the environment where they were bred. Pay attention to their interaction with humans and with other puppies. Their food and exercise is also important to check. Choose a dog based on the personality that you would want because even at an early age they already show their personality. French bulldogs can be boisterous, sociable, or quiet, or a mixture of the three. With the right training and love, your French bulldog will be a perfect pet and companion.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Pets
The French bulldog makes an ideal companion because they are good-natured, gentle and incredibly loving.

May 13

If You Read One Article About Pets, Read This One

The Importance of German Shepherd Breeders Over the years, dogs are seen by people as important treasures they are willing to have in their lives. A lot of people believed that dogs are actually the best friends they will ever have to help them acquire the things they need. The nice thing about dogs is that they are the best pets you could ever take when you want to go to places which would even make you more fascinated to get dogs. There are many breeds of dogs that you can get for you to take good care of. One of the breeds that you might want to get for your pet dog is a German Shepherd. There are so many things that people should know about German Shepherd dogs. Nowadays, German Shepherd dogs are considered as one of the dog breeds that people are interested to have. Since German Shepherds are popular dogs people want to have for themselves, it is not surprising to know that breeders are around to give you what you need. The internet has helped people acquire all the things that they need in living their lives. When you are looking for a German Shepherd, you may try to check the internet to find the person you are looking for. Nowadays, German Shepherd breeders have created their own websites to promote the services and products they could give to people.
Finding Similarities Between Dogs and Life
The good news is that there are now websites that can easily give you the list of German Shepherd breeders you call right away. Hiring a German Shepherd breeder had become very easy with the help of the internet. Dogs can be easily sold online if people are willing to take good care of a dog without experiencing any hassle. When you buy a dog online, you will only need to go to the airport to pick him up as soon as he arrives.
Learning The “Secrets” of Pets
People have been wanting to have their own German Shepherd dogs that more breeders have started promoting their services to them. Even if they are German Shepherd breeders there is still no guarantee that you will get the dogs you would want to have in your home. There are German Shepherd breeders who are not concerned about their dogs which is why they use them to earn money. In hiring a German Shepherd breeder you have to assess what a person can do to you to help you out. Since you are on budget, there are still German Shepherd breeders who can give you a puppy in a very affordable price. With your fascination in taking good care of your dogs, German Shepherd breeders can easily help you with all your concerns.

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